Here at Urbn Tropic, plants aren't just a hobby...they're life! Just like any worthwhile interest, it all started with just one. Which one was it? A Fiddle Leaf Fig of course! Our affinity for our green friends grew just as fast as our Fiddle Leaf did and before you knew it, we had a house full of plants. The walls, the floors, the countertops...all lined with some of the most sought after tropical plants in the world.

So how exactly did Urbn Tropic come to be? Simple. We wanted a plant and couldn't find it anywhere. We figured that if we wanted it and couldn't find it, then there were others just like us with the same problem. And so, Urbn Tropic was born!

We share in your enthusiasm and love for plants and think you'll find that we go the extra mile to deliver a quality product. We take extra pride and care in selecting only the finest specimens of some of the rarest and hard-to-find tropical plants and making them available to our fellow "planty" people. We've also taken extra care in how we package them to make sure they arrive as happy and safely as possible to their new home. We want and hope that you love them as much as we do!

Welcome to the URBN plant family! 😋