Sandstone Plant Pot - Large White

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Adding plants to minimalist spaces is an ideal way to bring color without overpowering the state of simplicity. With this in mind, Angus & Celeste has developed the Sandstone Planter in accordance with a minimalist philosophy.

The clean lines and cylindrical design of the Sandstone Planter is simplicity at its finest.

Available in both a small ‘shelfie’ size and a larger size for bigger plant specimens, the Sandstone Planter is the perfect addition to any sized space. Designed to be directly planted into, each planter is equipped with a drainage hole and is coupled with a deep drip tray to help keep your plants healthy.

The Sandstone Planter comes in two distinct colors, white and buff, and are great as a set or as a contrasting pair when collected in each color.

10" Diameter